05 Homescapes Pro Tips to clear Levels

Are you searching for Homescapes Pro tips to clear your difficult levels?

Homescapes game is developed by a gaming company called “Playrix,” which is also credited for developing Gardenscapes.

Taking the inspiration from the earlier 3-puzzle board game, Playrix has come up with a brilliant idea of Homescapes.

In Homescapes, you need to help Austin the Butler, who has returned to his father’s house to find its deteriorating condition.

You need to help Austin to renovate his old mansion and help him discover new rooms in the mansion.

homescapes tips

If you think it is only renovating houses and putting new items, then you may be wrong; you need to solve the puzzle to get all those stars and coins, which will help you in the renovation.

Best Features of Homescapes

  • Can be played by all age groups
  • Take a break from fighting or spilling blood games
  • A brilliant mixture of house renovation and clearing 3-puzzle board game
  • Boast of 300 levels which will challenge your patience
  • The game has boosters, combos, and boxes to clear difficult levels
  • No time limit to complete any levels
  • there is move limit in every level in which you need to complete those levels
  • you can get help from online friends for hearts
  • Homescapes has two currency – coins and gems

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05 Homescapes Pro Tips to clear your Levels

Let’s start digging all the points of Homescapes pro tips to clear levels.

Tip 1 # Know the game

Ask the question, “What is Homescapes game?”

Homescapes game is basically a 3-puzzle board game, where you need to mix and match 03 similar looking cubes to eliminate those from the board.

You need to carry out this mix and match combination until you reach the game objective.

Now every match or level has an objective which you need to achieve within the stipulated moves.

All the game objects can be found on the left-hand side of your 3-puzzle board game, which will keep on reducing when you achieve them one after another.

Homescapes Pro tips

One of the biggest challenges in the 3-puzzle board, you will face in Homescapes game is when you will be given obstacles on the matching cubes, which you need to break before you can match those cubes.

Homescapes game will provide you with the clue of the next possible moves and depending on your game play; you can choose them and clear the levels.

You should always keep an eye on the “to-do-list” in the game to get stars in the game.

Tip 2 # Think 03 steps ahead

Whenever you are making moves in Homescapes, you need to think 03 steps ahead to clear the puzzle board.

Make this a habit and try to make moves, calculating the remaining moves in the puzzle level.

Try to visualize the combos or powerup, which you can make when you mix and match the present cubes.

There are many powerups in the Homescapes games, which can eliminate a lot of other cubes. You need to try to make those powerups in the game to win all levels.

homescapes powerup

Tip 3 # Make Powerup and clear levels

make powerup in homescapes

Wait, that a bold statement, but it is been true; in every match level, you need to find powerups and combos. If you find many powerups and combos in any game, then you will clear that level with ease.

There are 04 types of powerup in Homescapes game which are as follow

  • Rocket
  • Bomb
  • Paper plane
  • Rainbow Ball

Powerup is great level clearer:

  • Rocket: it can be made by combining 04 similar cubes. It will clear a whole row or column in the Homescapes 3-puzzle board.
  • Bomb: it can be made with combining 04 similar cubes in L shape. It has a massive impact and can destroy 08 cubes.
  • Paper plane: it can be made by combining 04 similar cubes in a square. It will destroy one random cube in the puzzle board.
  • Rainbow Ball: it will destroy all similar cubes in the 3-puzzle board when you swap it with any cube.

Tip 4 # Try to make Combos

make poweup and combos in homescapes

What, now, why I need to mix two powerups in Homescapes?

Believe us; you need to mix and match two powerups to get a large impact on the puzzle board.

There are many combinations which you can get by mixing and matching powerup, some of them are as follows

  • Rocket + Rocket = eliminate row and column
  • Rocket + bomb = eliminate row and adjacent cubes
  • Rocket + paper plane = eliminate row / column + random cubes
  • Rocket + rainbow ball = eliminate row / column + similar looking cubes
  • bomb + rainbow ball = eliminate similar looking cubes + adjacent cubes
  • bomb + paper plane = eliminates adjacent cubes + random cubes
  • Paper plane + rainbow ball = eliminates random cubes + similar cubes

Tip 5 # use Booster in need

use booster in Homescapes

Boosters are the last resort in Homescapes game, which are used when you are left with only one cube in the level and no practical moves to eliminate that cube.

Now, you can use the booster in this situation and clear your level with ease, but booster cannot make you win every level.

A booster can be used only once as, after that, they will disappear from the game level.

There is only one booster available in the game, which is a hammer, which can be found in the left-hand corner of the dashboard.

Hammer booster can remove titles by smashing them and clearing them to form a 3-puzzle board game.

Final words

So, these are the Top 05 Homescapes Pro tips which can follow to clear levels.

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