Free Nintendo eShop Codes | 05 legit ways

Are you looking for Free Nintendo eShop Codes, which works great in 2021?

Free Nintendo eShop codes

Nintendo the pioneer in hand-held gaming giant of the ’90s, is back with new games and retro games. In this you can choose between retro games like Pacman, Mario or you can get The Legend of Zelda.

Chose any hand-held device of Nintendo which can be accessed by the internet, you can use our eShop codes. These codes can be used to purchase many game items and online games for free.

Nintendo has released two types of digital currency for purchasing its games

  • Nintendo Gift Cards
  • Nintendo eShop Codes

As you know, Nintendo Gift Cards are official Cards that are sold offline as well as online, but Nintendo eShop codes are only available online.

You need to purchase them online and redeem in Nintendo online Store and get all denominations credited into your account.

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05 Method to get Free Nintendo eShop Codes

There are many proven offline methods by which you can get free Nintendo eShop codes and use them for purchasing Nintendo games.

Follow these awesome Top 05 methods to get free Nintendo eShop Codes.

Method 1 # Check for free Unused Codes in Bulletin Board

Every month you will find more than 200 to 300 free Nintendo eShop Codes being pasted in some bulleting board by some people. You can check this by visiting this link

Free eShop Codes Pastebin:

Just visit these online bulletin boards for free eShop codes, and you will find plenty of unused eShop codes being pasted around the bulletin board.

We have found many more secret places where you can find a Nintendo eShop code being posted.

Some of the free bulletin board are as follows

  • Pastebin
  • Zerobin
  • Cryptbin
  • Hastebin

Method 2 # Join and Earn Through GPT website

Do you know Swagbucks or PointsPrize websites?

Well, these are free GPT (get paid to) website which works on coins or points system. In these GPT websites, you earn points or coins when you perform or complete some task.

Depending on the task you perform in these free GPT websites, points will be awarded. When these points or coins get accumulated, it can be redeemed by any Digital Gift Card including Nintendo Gift Card.

Some of the tasks which you need to perform in these free GPT websites are

  • Watch free Video Ads
  • Install free Mobile apps on your Smartphone or PC
  • Read, Compose, fill and send emails
  • Complete small or big surveys
  • Give an opinion on new or old products
  • Purchase small products using their affiliate links
  • Take part in events or big giveaways

List of GPT Website in 2021

  • Swagbucks
  • PointsPrize
  • Clixsense

Method 3 # Join GPT Mobile Apps

GPT mobile apps are the new buzz that is working fine by providing new, unused Nintendo eShop codes to people who participate in their network.

These free GPT Mobile Apps work similar to the GPT website and provide rewards when users complete a small task in their network.

All points which you have accumulated can be redeemed for Nintendo Switch eShop codes.

The list of best GPT Mobile Apps in 2021 are as follows

  • MyPoints
  • Opinion Panda
  • FreeMyApps
  • CashCrate

A task that is present in these GPT Mobile Apps are as follows

  • Watch free Video Ads
  • Install apps like skype or WhatsApp from their Store
  • Install game apps that are present in their Store
  • Install free Security Apps like firewall or Antivirus for your Smartphone
  • Complete survey
  • Read, compose and send emails
  • Give a valuable opinion about a new or old product

Method 4 # Join online Survey Website to earn fee eShop Codes

Online Survey websites like MySurvey or Panda Research works on points or coins module. Where points or coins are awarded for completing small tasks.

Normally there are two types of the survey website

  • Incentive website: which provides real cash money on completion
  • Non-Incentive website: which provides Digital Gift Cards on completion of Task

You can join any one of these online survey websites and start earning points or real cash for small tasks.

List of Survey website for 2021 is as follows

  • InBoxDollar
  • MySuvey
  • Vindale Research
  • Panda Research

Method 5 # Play games and earn money

One of the most lucrative jobs in this world is to play a game and earn money, which is called games tester.

Usually, game tester earns $500 to $3500 per month; without any Qualification, anyone who knows how to play a game can join as Game Tester.

There are thousand of Game companies who need people to test their games on a Smartphone or PC. You can join these game companies and earn thousand of dollars just playing games and giving a valuable opinion.

Game tester is a work from home scheme, where you should be above 18 years of age and know how to play any game. No Qualification needed to apply to this game tester job, and there is no upper limit to join these schemes.

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Final works

So, these are the 05 methods to earn Free Nintendo eShop codes, which you can implement and get free codes.

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