06 Coin Master Cheats to Top Leaderboard

Are you looking for Coin Master Cheats to the top leaderboard?

Coin Master Cheats:

Coin Master is now no#1 game in its category and has more than 50 million installs from Google Play Store. If you want to dominate the leaderboard, then you need to use some legit cheats of coin master.

As you know, the coin master is a brilliant mixture of a casino-style slot machine with a base building game. It did not require any special skill to master it; any one can play these games without any strategy.

But if you want to break into the leaderboard, you can use these strategies to top in the leaderboard.

Some of the features of the coin master game

  • A mixture of Casino-Style slot machine with base building game
  • Coin master game is available in all format iOS, Android and Facebook
  • You can now play this game on PC or smartphone
  • Play as the Viking king who loves to plunder enemy village for coins
  • Destroy enemy village and get coins
  • Build your own village by using these coins and upgrade your pets
  • Spin the casino-style slot machine and get game goodies
  • You can get these items from spinning the slot machine
    • Pigface
    • Hammer
    • Shield
    • Pet Foods
    • Coins
  • Exchange coin master game cards with friends
  • Complete your coin master cards category and receive free gifts

06 Coins Master Cheats to get into the top leaderboard

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Method 1 # login daily and receive a free spin

Coin Master game will provide you with free spin when you keep on login daily. Typically, the coin master game provides free spins in every 04 hours.

Remember, all the spins are not accumulative, so if you did not login one day, the next day, you would not get more free spins. You need to login and get your free spin daily and use them to receive more.

Some of the features of login daily are as follows

  • Log in daily to ensure free spin
  • Use these free spins to get game goodies
  • If you get a hammer, you can attack the enemy base and earn coins
  • If you get shields, then this can be used to block any enemy attack
  • You can also get pet foods which can be used to upgrade your pets
  • You can check daily leaderboard progress
  • You can get daily news and announcement of the game
  • You will know any new events if you log daily

Method 2 # collect cards and complete sets

Coin Master has an integrated card collection to make it more attractive. Now you can complete any cards category and receive huge game goodies.

Coin master game has 33 cards categories, which has 09 cards in it, so you can now get 09 cards and complete one set.


Coin Master Cards Category list

PetsIce QueenScotlandRobin Hood
ItemsSherlockOceanSand land
Bling BlingBaba YagaBeastsSweets
Hot Rides

Card collection is coin master attract huge players interest as they give huge bonus such as coins, spins and pet foods.

Method 3 # Try to complete events of Coin Master

There are many ongoing events in coin master, which can give you a huge bonus and rewards when you complete them.

Some of the events of coins master are given below

  • Diamond Rush – try to complete this first event and get free spins and coins
  • Ultra-attack master- mix and match 03 ultra-signs to get bonus
  • Ultra-Raid madness- mix and match 03 Ultra-signs to get bonus
  • Village Master – complete your village upgrade and earn food, pet foods and bonus
  • Jackpot event – take part and earn a huge bonus as jackpot
  • Viking Quest event – a big event where you can get 10,000 spins.

Method 4 # Connect account with Facebook

There are many bonuses that are associated with Facebook, which you can avail by connecting your game account with Facebook.

  • Receive free 50 spins one time
  • Receive free 100k coins one time
  • Learn all the game progress of your friends and family members
  • You can play coin master on PC by login to Facebook version
  • You can also exchange cards between friends

Method 5 # get more coins in every raid

If you have activated pets, then you can use them to get more coins in raids.

Pets are the cutest addition in the coin master game, which helps in the attack, defend and finding coins.

If you are going for an attack, then active your pet and get 10% more coins with every attack.

Method 6 # Use referral links to invite players

Get free 25 spins in Coin Master:

You can get free 25 spins in the coin master game when you invite players to play the game. All the players who join using your affiliate link will fetch you free spins.

Now, you can use this technique to get a hundred of new players to play coin master game. All you need to do is to share your affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform.

You can also invite online friends and family members using your referral links and earn free spins in coin master.

Final words

So, these are the top 06 Coin Master Cheats to top the leaderboard, which you can implement. If you want Coin master free Spins, then you can check out this awesome 04 methods to these without any hassle.

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